Farrell House Lodge has a storied past.  The home was built as a private residence in 1941 by Herbert & Helen Farrell.  The Farrells came to Sandusky from Nashville, Tennessee, and brought with them the old world southern style the home was constructed in.  Herbert was a man of considerable wealth, having earned his fortune in the steel industry.  Helen also came from a privileged lineage.  Her grandfather, Joel Owlsley Cheek, was the founder of Maxwell House Coffee.

After completion of the home, Herbert & Helen presented it as a wedding gift to their youngest son, Herbert Jr.  and his new bride, Sonia Phipps.  Sonia was the granddaughter of Harry Phipps, lifelong friend and business partner of Andrew Carniege.  Both Herbert Jr. and Sonia were nicknamed “Sonny,” and the property soon became known as Sunnybrook Farm.

Over the years the property changed hands several times.  In 1965 it was purchased by the Owens Corning Company of Toledo, Ohio.  During the years that followed, the lodge was used as a corporate retreat and meeting facility for the company.

In 1999, Doug & Linda Lamb of Bay Village, Ohio, purchased the property and together they began the enormous task of restoring the home to its original charm.  Today Farrell House Lodge stands in proud splendor, a testament  to its illustrious past.